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Sukhy Bhoi
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Communications Executive Divorced 1
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Ian Charlebois
Real Estate Sales, Development & Mortages
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Tonya Christoffer
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Office Administrator/Management Single 1
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Sarah Cunningham
Assistant, Conventions
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Tammy Desormeaux
Transport Canada - Finance Married 3
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Kristel Sharpe (Eber)
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Stay at home Mum Married 3
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Corinna Cowling (Giorgi)
Procurement Specialist Married 3
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Ann-Marie Hampel
CEO - Director of Operations Married 3
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Olivia Harper
Clerk at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Single
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Saira Khan Henshaw
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Sunil Kurichh
Owner Little Turkish Village Married
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robert luo
exotic dancer Committed Relationship 4
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Christine Martin
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Bank of Canada Married 4
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corey morel
plumber Committed Relationship 2
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Dennis Paré
Principal Married 2
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Andrea Granger (Phipps)
Dental Practice Manager Widowed 2
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Anne-Marie Steneker
former SWL Math teacher
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G, Scott Wagner
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Scott Wagner
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Retail Divorced
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